Assalamu’alaikum wr. wb.,
Om Swastiastu,
Namo Buddhaya,
Salam Kebajikan.

Greetings, Everyone!

        Welcome to the official website of ALSA Local Chapter Universitas Diponegoro! First and foremost, let us all praise God for his mercy and blessings which has been given to us for 26 years firm and strong. I would like to express my endless gratitude to the Local Board and the Advisory Board for their continuous contribution and dedication through this organization and also I would like to thank the Demissioners and Alumni of ALSA LC Undip for their endless support and help for our members to grow and to create this organization more beneficial for the society.

       Asian Law Students’ Association is a non-political and non-profit organization consists of law students consists of 16 National Chapters across Asia, including Indonesia. ALSA National Chapter Indonesia itself comprises of 14 Local Chapters across Indonesia from the west of Indonesia, Banda Aceh to the east of Indonesia in Manado. Our beloved Local Chapter itself, ALSA LC Undip is located in the heart of Central Java, the city of Semarang. 

        ALSA LC Undip was established in 1994 and continually improving as one of the premier student organizations in the Faculty of Law, Universitas Diponegoro that set the examples of how law students should be prepared to be fit in the professional and global area, we also provide the medium for bright law students to maximize their potential through various projects, working programs, and activities that will be held. Our vision in this period itself is to create ALSA LC Undip to become an entity that consists of progressive-minded members that can grow this organization to be beneficial for every element to be developed in every aspect.

        We hope that this association will always develop and exploring our members’ potential to learn, connect, and ready to become the future leaders and key players of Asia who implement the four pillars of ALSA; internationally minded, legally skilled, socially responsible, and academically committed.

        Through our official website, we hope that it can serve every information and knowledge for everyone about ALSA LC Undip. We highly appreciate your comments and feedback! Last but not least, welcome to our Website, to our Local Chapter, to our Home, ALSA LC Undip.

ALSA, Always be One!

Wassalamu’alaikum wr. wb.,
Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om,
Namo Buddhaya,
Salam Kebajikan.


Warmest Regards,

Gregorius Alisander Ponglapik

Director Of ALSA Local Chapter Universitas Diponegoro Local Board 2019-2020


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