ALSA is an international consortium of around 12,000 law students and alumni located in 17 countries all over the Asian region. Formally established in 2002, the association is a merger between the previous ASEAN law students association, as well as the East Asian law students association, which were two student bodies that had similar goals of fostering stronger ties and greater understanding of the different legal systems among its member Asian countries. Recognizing their common goals, as well as the ever increasing onset of globalization in the region, these two associations signed an agreement in 2002, thus forming ALSA into the organization that is known to be today.


ASEAN Law Students' Association

A group of law students from Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand came together with the idea of creating an organization that could promote greater understanding and appreciation among the law students of the said nations. As a result, the ASEAN Law Students’ Association was born



East Asian Law Student Association

Law students from Japan, Korea and Taiwan came together to form a similiar organization for East Asian Law Students, under the name of Asian Law Students’ Association. Similarly, Hong Kong had its own initial organization catering to the educational and social needs of its students within its territory. With the growing desire of these different groups to expand their networks and develop a law student community in the Asian region, an agreement was signed on

ASIAN Law Students' Association

September 7, 2002, marked the union between the ASEAN Law Students’ Organization (Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand) and the Asian Law Students’ Organization (Japan, Korea, and Taiwan) into a single entity, thus giving birth to Asian Law Students’ Association (ALSA) as it is known today



The Enforcement of ALSA

The merger was enforced at the ALSA Conference in Bangkok, Thailand along with the enrollment of China and Hong Kong as new members

The Admission of New Members

Since the ALSA Conference 2003, more Asian countries have been admitted to full membership, including Brunei Darussalam in 2010, Laos and Vietnam in 2012, Srilanka in 2013, Macau in 2015, and India, its newest member, last August 2020. Therefore, there are in total of 17 National Chapter in ALSA.