Edi Tansil as a convicted guilty corruptors, and how the law acts against him

Tan Tjoe Hong Eddy Tansil​​ not a Government employee but​​ a person notorious for being a legendary mafia in the Suharto’s new order,​​ he was known for being filthy rich and dangerous. He​​ was evidently inflicting a massive financial loss to Indonesia as he steal an amount of 1.3 trillion rupiah. However he managed to escape from the Cipinang Penitentiary Institution as he ran away after being in the custody of the states.​​ Its peculiar how he can escape from prison and even went abroad when at that time security in Immigration was very strict, this did not happen by accident but rather by cooperation with someone, massive corruption crime is not the first time in Indonesia but it has happened often in this country, but then many cases are not resolved in a proper way. Corruption in the new order was inherent in the scope of high-ranking official states or powerful people.


​​ In the 1980s, Eddy was involved in a couple business sectors in particular​​ a pioneering​​ PT Golden Key Group​​ which is engaged in petrochemicals where the credit application to the Indonesian Development Bank (BAPINDO) was approved, but the credit was obtained illegally to reach the amount of 1.3 trillion, this also happened because​​ he was allegedly assisted​​ by Sudomo which was at the time the Admiral of the Navy serving as the Coordinating Minister for Political Security (Menkopolkam).​​ ​​ Eventually Regional Court of Central Jakarta sentenced Eddy Tansil as guilty.