November 29, 2017
November 29, 2017

Written by: Bagas Adhi


Based on the Law of Republic Indonesia Number 35 Year 2009 about Narcotic, the definition of Narcotics are substances or drugs derived from plants or non-plants, either synthetic or semi-synthetic, which can cause degradation or alteration of consciousness, loss of taste, reduce or eliminate the pain, and can lead to dependence, which is divided into categories as attached in this Law, Now people always looking for alternative way for the example is for Narcotics. In Indonesia synthetic narcotics can easily found and people always look for it. For example is new synthetic narcotics especially for cannabis. This type of  drug had serious risks. “Some of the cases include stroke, hypertension, chest pain, severe kidney failure, damage on brain or even heart attacks[1]. The goverment should research more deeply about this type of drugs, because right now there is someone who always ‘upgrade’ but Indonesia Goverment already make a good point because right now 25 synthetic narcotics is prohibited and it is classified as a narcotics. Law of Republic Indonesia Number 35 Year 2009 about Narcotics is one of the goverment way to overcome Narcotics in this country. Many foreign drug dealers come to Indonesia to sell their products and from this fact we can know that Narcotics on Indonesia is a big problems. Authorities say that drugs are an important issue in Indonesia. President Jokowi even mentioned that drug abuse sits at the top of the country’s problems. In recent years, he even declared a state of emergency on narcotics entering the country.

Synthetic Cannabis classified as AB-CHMINACA. AB-CHMINACA[2] is an indazole-based synthetic cannabinoid and from AB-CHMINACA there have been a number of reported cases of seizures, deaths, and psychotic episodes in relation to this synthetic cannabinoid. On January 9, 2017, the Ministry of Health added AB-CHMINACA as one of 27 new drugs regulated by the Narcotics Act No. 35 of 2009, making it officially illegal. Based on the Law of Republic Indonesia Number 35 Year 2009, synthetic cannabis classief as Narcotics Category 1.

Due to a rise in cases related to narcotics in Indonesia, the government is stiffening penalties for drug offences. Now, anyone who violates certain drug laws in the nation may end up serving a minimum of four years’ prison time. Depending on the severity of the violations, the government may even sentence more drug offenders to death. However  Head of Indonesia’s National Narcotics Agency Budi Waseso recently said there are at least 800 types of new narcotics. 60 of these narcotics have already been reportedly smuggled or used in Indonesia. However, only 43 types have been identified and made illegal under Indonesian law[3].

On Law of Republic Indonesia Number 35 Year 2009 about Narcotics, from article 111 – 116 contains about the Criminal Provision for Narcotics Category 1. For example is someonle plant or maintain the nartotics it will be jailed minimum for 4 years and maximum for 12 years.

  • Article 111

(1) Any person that without right or against the law planting, maintain, possess, store, control, or provide Narcotics Category I in the form of plants, shall be punished with minimum imprisonment of 4 (four) years and a maximum of 12 (twelve) years and a minimum fine Rp 800.000.000,00 (eight hundred million rupiah) and maximum Rp,00 (eight billion rupiah).

(2) In the case of the act to plant, maintain, possess, store, control, or provide Narcotics Category I in the form of plants referred to in paragraph (1), has a weight more than 1 (one) kilogram or more than 5 (five) trees, the offender shall be punished with imprisonment for life or minimum imprisonment 5 (five) years and a maximum of 20 (twenty) years and a maximum fined referred to in paragraph (1) plus 1/3 (one third).

The distribution of synthetic narcotics in Indonesia can be so easily for example they can sell it on social media like Instagram. There is a case that Jakarta Police has arrested a group of drug dealers targeting electronic cigarette smokers, a senior narcotics officer has said. The arrests were made as a result of an undercover investigation into a suspicious Instagram account. From this case we must know that someone can sell their narcotics easily in Indonesia. And the authorities must more cautious to this problem because our country is on ‘narcotics emergency position’

It is absolutely true that Indonesia wants to overcome this problem seriously, because as seen on the mass media there are several article that tell us about the death penalty for drug dealers in Indonesia for the example there are an article from that called ‘’ At least 55 alleged drug traffickers have been gunned down during police raids since the start of the year, according to Amnesty Internasional’’. Narcotics always being the ‘arch enemy’ of Indonesia since Indonesia is one of the most drug addicted countries.





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